We restore log homes, new and old. 

Log cabin restoration before and afterArtisan Restoration specializes in log home restoration on all types of log homes new and old. Due to our history of sales, restoration and conversion of historic log cabins and barns into new home packages the majority of our experience has been with historic preservation. We also work on newer log homes even though they are not quite as challenging.

Log Home Restoration Services:

  • On-site restoration and maintenance services for log home owners. Click here for more.
  • Nonresidential preservation work, historic log cabins and barns (including pro-bono work for local historical societies).
  • Preservation seminars on log cabins and barn restoration.
  • Consulting with  owner-builders to guide them through a preservation project, or the conversion of a log cabin or timber frame barn into a new home.
  • Find out what your project will cost.




media blasting log cabin home


Caulking and chinking

  • Chinking machine makes for quicker application and lower cost to you.
  • Sealing your home against wind and rain to protect it
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Boron treatment

  • Protects against insects
  • Kills rot fungus and mold.


Power Washinglog repair

  • Cleans logs prior to re-staining
  • To clean decks and concrete patios for resealing



Media Blasting

  • For fast/complete removal of finish and a full warranty
  • To remove mill glaze on newly built log homes
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Log repairs

  • Epoxy repair
  • Full log replacement using rot resistant materials
  • Replacement to be done by Licensed Contractor (MN only)
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