To help us improve and expand our design service we have enlisted the help of architect Jeff Stromgren, AIA, CID of Rice Stromgren Architects. I’ve also worked with Matt Borowy of Bright Pixel Design on many of the new cabin and barn home plans on the website. One of these two excellent architects have been responsible for all the drafting and the life-like renderings you will find on this website. If you already have a designer or an architect and wish to create a new log or timber frame structure made from several reclaimed log cabins or barns we would be happy to work with them as we did on the Coeur d’Alene project for Fullerton Architects. Some projects do not require an architect, and we can simply have a draftsman draw up your plans after a few planning meetings.
Today we have building codes and inspectors to deal with and occasionally it is useful to have an engineer’s assistance to comply with local building codes or to talk with local officials. For these situations we call on the services of Mark Lawton of LTN Group a structural engineer who is licensed in 6 states and has over 25 years of experience.  Mark also likes old barns and log cabins and enjoys helping us with our preservation and restoration projects.
constructioncrewOver the years I have had the pleasure to work with a group of dedicated young artisans to do various tasks for me and just as I have grown older and wiser so have they. I call them my Preferred Contractors because I know what each one can do and I call on them when I am not licensed in that area or I cannot fit a complete project into my schedule.
If you or your builder are not willing to tackle certain parts of the project you can get the benefit of my past forty years of building experience through my consulting service. This experience alone will prove to be invaluable when undertaking a unique project like this. Click here to learn more about free on-site consulting service that is included with your cabin or barn package. (go to the contact page)
The plans that are shown here are just samples to give you an idea of what is possible with the existing barn or cabin. Generally we do our best to redesign the basic structure and preserve as much of its form and historic character as possible while updating it with modern conveniences and new materials as needed. If you don’t see a structure that meets your needs keep in mind that we have many contacts that we can go to expand your choices. We can combine several of structures as well (see the Houston project).
Our three step design process allows you to start with a free feasibility plan and a basic budget.
Step two involves a design agreement which gives you 2-D construction drawings and an itemized quote.
Step three includes life-like 3-D renderings to help you see your ideas come to life and help you choose all the materials to complete the interior.
As your design progresses from the initial concept to the finished plans your input and approval is incorporated into every step along the way. All you need is internet service for Skype meetings and to receive the latest digital updates to your plans. Your feedback can be done on line or with a phone call.