perm-chink_pictureIt does not pay to cut corners on these products because in the long run, their failure will cost more to redo in labor than any savings you may get on the materials. Perma-chink and Sashco are the leading suppliers to the log home industry and they have produced a complete line of log home products for new construction, restoration and maintenance. This means they know how each of these products will work with the rest of their products. We consult with their staff on every job and pass their recommendations on to you.

If logs have been prepared by removing the stain finish you have the opportunity to treat the logs before refinishing them. The most effective yet earth friendly treatments available today rely on boron chemicals to protect your home. Perma-chink makes a product called Shell-Guard and Sashco has their Penetreat for treatment of logs against rot and insects. These products are sprayed or brushed on and are available in concentrated form for insertion into the logs. Installed in the most rot prone areas they provide added protection by dissolving the active ingredients into the wood when the wood becomes damp enough to support the growth of rot fungus.

Staining and waterproofing your home is the final step in restoring its exterior finish. Years ago oil-based stains were the only choice. Due to tighter restrictions on oil-based products new water-based finishes have taken their place. With the trend toward more maintenance free exteriors the log home industry may be responsible for the improvement of these new coating formulas to where it is today. Perma-chink has pioneered the use of a pigmented base coat with a clear topcoat to not only meet the EPA demands but to avoid the darkening effect that oils have on the wood. An added benefit is that this two step process preserves the contrast of the wider chink lines on historic log structures.

Due to its pioneering effort Perma-chink has produced Lifeline Ultra-2 which carries a 5 year limited warranty. Lifeline comes to you with decades of experience that accompanies all their product lines.