Meadowland Log Cabin – FOR SALE

This cabin 28×30 cabin was built by Finnish settlers in 1902 near the town of Meadowland, MN using the same coped log construction that they used in their homeland. Coped log cabins are unique in that the bottom of each log is coped or cut to fit over the log below so it sheds water very well and there is little or no need for chinking. In order to seal the gaps between the logs they simply gathered sphagnum moss from the forest until they were able to cover it with tar paper and siding several years later.

All the logs were freshly cut and to allow for settlement they used a variety of techniques to allow for settlement including a special frame around all the window and door openings. In addition to this they also pegged each log to the one below it so they could not twist or move as they dried. This meant that they could easily put siding over the logs without having to worry about the straightness of the wall.

The decision to put siding on the cabin was very important to the integrity of the cabin because it protected it from the rain so the logs are in very good condition. This doesn’t mean the logs are perfect by any means so there are some areas which will be repaired by cutting half logs from the gable end walls to do this work. The gable end walls are normally framed anyway

Most of the door and window openings are original except for the picture window and the extra front door shown on the original floor plan. The new plan is an attempt to make the best use of all these openings and expand the cabin as much as possible with the fireplace room, garage and dormers all of conventional construction.  In these areas accent logs, barn boards and beams can be added to match the character of the log cabin same as the front porch which is designed using all reclaimed posts, rafters and roof boards so it looks as authentic as possible.

The basic log package has 1615 sf of floor space including the loft but does not include the non-log porch, family room addition and the garage shown on the attached plan.  It does include full restoration of the cabin at our shop in Kasota where we do treating the logs with boron preservative, pressure washing, log repairs and pre-assembly. Also included are the loft floor joists, rough sawn board subfloor and drilling for thru-bolts to secure it to your foundation much better than wooden pegs and gravity. The shell package includes assembly of the log package including the dormers and roof covered with synthetic felt and ready for your roofing.

The weather-tight package includes installing the buyers windows, the gable end siding, staining and chinking with high quality products from Permachink systems. Delivery charges, travel and per diem expenses are based on each location and will be added to the final cost.



Exterior dimensions: 28’3” X30’0” 

Total square footage: 840 square feet (1680 SF with full loft)

Floor to loft floor height: 9’5”  Loft wall height: 2’0”   

Log wall thickness: 5”-5½” (Coped logs!!!)

Species: Northern pine and tamarack 

Loft floor framing: Reclaimed 6” logs @ 36” o.c. 

Loft floor subflooring: barn boards

Center beam with post: 8×8

Gable end wall and dormer framing: 2×6 with ½” OSB

Ridge beam: 3-3×12  with 8×8 center post

Rafters: 2×8 with ½” OSB

Synthetic felt + ice shield (roofing not included)

Pressure washed and treated w/Timbor preservative.

Drilled for thru-bolts and some electrical              

MATERIALS:  $64,167      ESTIMATED LABOR:  $40,320     LOG PACKAGE: $104,487



Frame openings to fit owners windows and doors

Gable end siding: Barn board and batten

Exterior stain: two coats Permachink Ultra 2 + Advance top coat

Exterior Chinking: Permachink w/ ½ ” backer foam

MATERIALS:  $7,635      ESTIMATED LABOR: $32,760        SHELL PACKAGE $40,395

  COMBINED TOTAL  $144,882



Covered Porch + Dormers + Flooring and trim + Stairs and railings + Additions

(All labor is provided by experienced and licensed subcontractors-travel expense delivery and per diem not included.)


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