Zarlow Barn – 34’x66’x14’

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This barn is was cut from northern pine and probably was shipped by rail to a local train depot in the late 1800’s as the biggest timbers are 34 foot long and would be difficult to haul very far with a team of horses. It has the classic gambrel roof design which allows for more usable space inside whether you are planning to use it for your livestock or living space. I say this because most of our customers decide to move the original floor joists up to the cross beams and create a new level about 10 foot above the old haymow floor. Considering most of the floor joists are oak 3×8 this would make a great looking ceiling and a strong floor whether you are converting it to a new use or not. The frame consists of rough sawn 8×8’s for all the main timbers, all the pine or fir flooring, weathered siding and more. This barn is still standing and a video tour is available for you to inspect the structure without experiencing the sub-zero temperatures that I did the day I was there.