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With its 18 ft sidewalls and a 32’x60’ footprint this is the largest barn in our current inventory. As its name suggests, it was built from salvaged timbers that were originally used in an exhibition building at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893. Twenty years later, after reading about the sale and dismantling of these buildings in the newspaper a young farmer from Claremont, MN hopped on a train headed for Chicago where he arranged to buy the timbers to build this barn. He had the huge load shipped directly to his farm by contacting the Chicago Northwestern Railway which had a rail line running through his property.

The extreme height of this barn makes it a good candidate for a large home or commercial project with 1920 s.f. of floor space available on 2 or 3 levels. The king post design of the frame requires some modifications for the floor levels but also allows for some creativity as well. With the 3×8 floor framing included in the package along with the siding and other standard framing specs this is a huge amount of Douglas Fir lumber.