Lake Crystal Barn – 28’x64’x14’

This barn was built on a 3 foot high concrete wall which would allow it to be restored as a barn or converted into a barn home with the option of rebuilding it as it was or omitting the lower part and putting it on a full basement. It has only one row of interior posts and the bents are 16 ft on center which allows for more flexibility in the design process. This barn was dismantled in January 2017 and is ready to be shipped. Most of the siding has been sold but the some of the wider roof boards are still available. The frame package includes all the rough sawn pine members with 6×8 plates, posts and cross beams, 6×6 roof supports, 4×6 wall girts and 2×6 rafters for the 28×48 barn and a 16’addition. Most of the floor joists were bowed and need to be replaced with an engineered floor system or material from another barn depending on the floor/ceiling design you desire. This barn is likely the best value for someone on a small budget.

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