Cokato Cabin – FOR SALE

This cabin was built in 1868 by Swedish settlers near Cokato, Mn using a mixture of native hardwood from the land they were planning to farm. This cabin was also built using the coped log method which means the bottom of each log is carved out to fit over the one below it so very little chinking was needed to keep out the rain and sphagnum moss was used to seal out the wind. It was originally built as a one story cabin but as the family grew a second story was added in 1873 and the lumber for it was milled in the nearby town of Smith Lake which burned to the ground the following year. I am in contact with the great-grandson of the builder and will be getting more history in the next few weeks.

As time went by and the family continued to grow so several more additions were built and windows became four doors to the new rooms. Some folks have suggested we try to remove them and convert them back to windows but that is a lot of work and if history repeats itself you may be changing them back into doors when you need more space.  The interior wall by the stairs will be removed to repair logs which will also help to open up the interior more. 




The original plan has been modified to get the most square footage from this small cabin by adding on a bathroom addition to the main floor master bedroom and no vaulted areas. Adding on a bathroom for the early settlers was quite common since running water and indoor toilets were not available when these small cabins were built. 

The basic log package has 1435 sf of floor space including the loft with no vaulted space except the loft area.  It includes full restoration of the cabin at our shop in Kasota where we do treating the logs with boron preservative, pressure washing, log repairs and pre-assembly. Also included are the loft floor joists, rough sawn board subfloor and drilling for thru-bolts to secure it to your foundation much better than wooden pegs and gravity. The shell package includes assembly of the log package including roof covered with synthetic felt and ready for your roofing.

The weather-tight package includes installing the buyers windows, the gable end siding, staining and chinking with high quality products from Permachink systems. Delivery charges, travel and per diem expenses are based on each location and will be added to the final cost.

Many other options are available such as front porch with all reclaimed materials, rustic stairs and railing, flooring and ceiling boards to make a complete materials package for you or your contractor to complete the cabin so you don’t need to locate all the items yourself.

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