The owners bought this barn and contracted with me for the design, dismantle and reconstruction of it on their property on Madeline Island. After securing it against collapse it was redesigned to be lowered 4 ft while the loft floor was raised the same distance allowing it to become the new guest house barn/garage. One of the design goals was anti-postal (ie remove as many posts as possible). To that end a log truss was designed to remove the posts in the great room and the balcony was suspended by steel rods off the gable end. Character and detail was added by the exposed distressed concrete walls, sliding barn doors and the diagonal sheathing.

When we found the old barn of our dreams to move to our property on Madeline Island, we immediately thought of Mark Johnson as the person who we would want to put it up.We had met Mark years earlier when we first purchased our property on Madeline. We were not disappointed in our decision to have Mark work with us. . Mark did a wonderful job in creating our dream barn, his workmanship and design abilities are excellent and he takes a great deal of pride in his work. We would welcome you to visit the finished product if you are interested in seeing first hand what Mark can do.
Tom Penn & Sally Hebson
Madeline Island