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Barn and Log Home Restoration

Artisan Restoration restores, designs and creates new homes using reclaimed historic log cabins and barns. We specialize in green construction techniques, reclaimed materials and energy conservation for the benefit of our children’s children.

Through our extensive experience in selling and restoring old log cabins we have learned more about what really works and what doesn’t work than most finish companies. As a log home restoration specialist we offer every service needed to maintain or restore your log home or cabin investment. Drawing on my general contracting experience allows our services to go beyond media blasting, staining, chinking and log repair to diagnose the cause of the problem. Whether it be simple product failure, poor design or construction related issues we work throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota* and beyond.

Commitment to Preservation

In 1976 I designed and built my first home out of a timber frame barn when green building just meant the color scheme. I used reclaimed flooring from a church, doors and windows from a college and material from several barns to create that home. Since then I have done many different types of construction until I returned to restoration in 1998 when I bought a pioneer log cabin, and the rest is history…no pun intended. I have worked on projects from Coeur d’ Alene to Pittsburg, and I have donated my time and skills to local historical societies as a designer, supplier and builder. Today I operate Artisan Restoration out of that first home and it stands as a testament to my dedication to restoration and saving our natural and historic resources.

*For certain types of work, I work with a licensed general contractor in Minnesota.