Stangle Log Barn – 24′ x 76′

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This barn began as a smaller structure with the lower portion built of hand hewn logs, dovetail corners and a hewn timber framed haymow/roof. It has heavy timbers and hewn planks for the floor of the haymow and as the farm grew the barn was added onto on each end with hewn timber additions. The roof has pole rafters with huge timber roof supports and the haymow has 3”thick hand hewn plank floor with 8×10 hewn joists. All the siding has been removed so all that remains except for the log walls, timber frame, haymow floor and roof is a wooden water tank in the hay loft. This barn is located in Tisch Mills, WI. where you can purchase the barn directly from the owner and dismantle it yourself or hire us to do that for you.